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DPS Pre-School, It isn’t just a school for children to be at, it is their second home as it nurtures children with love, care and affection to become kind, obedient, honest and responsible and eventually, they’re meant to reach the pinnacle of success.

DPS Pre-School provides a prepared environment: tidy, pleasing in appearance, simple and real, where each element exists for a reason in order to help in the development of the child. We help child to develop their:

1. Emotional Skills
2. Social Skills
3. Communication and Language Skills
4. Fine Motor Skills
5. Gross Motor Skills
4. Cognitive Skills
5. Math And Science Skills Development
6. Self-Help Skills
Every day the child gets the prepared environment which offers the child opportunities to commit to interesting and freely chosen work, which brings out long periods of concentration that should not be interrupted. Freedom develops within clear limits, and this allows children to live in harmony with others in the small society they belong to in the classroom.

We have a good team of teachers as the observer and a guide: who helps and stimulates the every child with all his/her effort. This allows children to act, want and think by themselves, and helps them to develop confidence and inner discipline.

Our Montessori environment is proportional to children’s height and size, and it has low shelves and tables and chairs of different sizes where children can sit individually or in groups. The classroom is divided into theme areas where related materials and bibliography are exposed on the shelves, allowing great freedom of movement. Children can work in groups or individually, respecting their own style and rhythm. Each child uses the material he chose by taking it from the shelf and putting it back in its place so others can use it.
The environment promotes the child’s independence in the exploring and learning process. Freedom and self-discipline make possible that each child finds activities that respond to their evolutionary needs. DPS creates a home-like atmosphere where children not only learn things of academic importance but develop numerous other skills and morals that makes them a benign person in true sense.