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Extra Curricular Activities

A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is an old adage. To develop a healthy mind in a healthy body, outdoor and indoor games are provided. Various co-curricular and extracurricular activities are conducted to allow the students to explore their talents and for their overall development. In addition, pursuits like creative writing, poetry recitations and writing of articles are encouraged. Public speaking in the form of debates and extempore speeches is also held on monthly basis. Other activities such as music, dance, art and craft, etc. enable students to discover their talents. Professional instructors of high stature are employed in each discipline to guide and train the students.

Modern play equipment such as building blocks, rocking chair, swing bars, constructed slides, rabbit warrens are provided for junior children whereas other equipment such as skipping ropes, quoit rings, badminton, table tennis or board games such as chess, caroms, scrabbles are provided for senior children. Games and other sports are part of the facility, and all students are encouraged to take part as per their preference and ability.

Dance and Music

  • Nationally and internationally certified trainers.
  • Full time trainers diffrentiated according to genre
  • Well Equipped and sophisticated according to genre
  • Involvement in advertisement,songs and music videos.

Art and Craft

  • Full Time Certified Teachers According To age Groups
  • Well Equipped and sophisticated rooms for different zones.
  • Traning for national and International platforms.


  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basket Ball
  • Table-tennis
  • Hand Ball
  • Badminton



Delhi Public school Biratnagar provide a great opportunity for their students to get trained by national level coach of cricket. DPS encourage their students from elementary school to high school in participating in cricket tournaments.Our school have separate net practice ground where student are trained in professional manner with well equipped cricket kits. Our school has Cricket training net built to help the student trained in professional manner. First Mayor Cup Biratnagar title has been achieved by our school cricket team. From 2062 to 2075 BS reigning champion in Cricket (inter school level). In addition, DPS has given 4 national players in the Nepal cricket team]


DPS has spacious ground for football training where the students are trained by the national level coaches. We have differentiated the football practice ground according to their level. DPS has organized many friendly match of football.


In 2019, our school has organized an event Indo-Nepal Skating competition where our trained students were selected for the final round to be conducted in Assam. Separate skating ground for junior and senior level has been provide to trained students for skating. DPS encourage their student to participate in international events by providing them professional trainer.