A Glance at our Almuni

Vaibhav Nahata
CEO of Success Society Intl

Dps with an unorthodox pedagogy of education has put a notable impact into my life. I went through a beautiful journey of finding myself in the process of academics. I discovered my fears and also took initial steps to go beyond it.I shall always be thankful to the Institution and it's elements that built me.

Deepti Koirala
BDS (Nobel Medical College Biratnagar)
It's everything – from the many experiences you immerse yourself in to the illuminating ideas which spark your ambitions. It's a topsy-turvy journey to a vast array of exciting opportunities that school can provide."
Ronak Agrawal
BBA (Christ College , Banglore)
"DPS Biratnagar has helped me to develop thinking and analytical skills which will go a long way in helping me with advanced studies."
Rohit Sabu
IIT Khargpur India
"While studying at DPS Biratnagar. I broadened my horizon through a global perspective and developed a lasting passion for learning."
Mukund Niraula
Managing Partner (Populariser | New Delhi | India)

"Whatever I am today….I owe it to DPS Biratnagar. The teacher and the school helped me to believe in myself. They taught me to realize my dreams."

Keyur Shrestha
BBA (Symbiois | Pune | India)

" I was so nervous to come to DPS because i couldn't speak in english at all . But the teachers and the students have been very helpful . I have no regrets and had many new friends.

Himangshu Agrawal
BTech ( AutoMobile Engineering)
"DPS Biratnagar was more than just a school for me. The teachers were so cooperative and the ways they interact with us make us feel very special."